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Territoire(s) is an on-line bilingual scientific magazine that specialises in territorial development and regional planning.

It is the heir of  Territoire (s) wallon(s), founded by the Standing Conference of Territorial Development. The archives can be found here.

This magazine’s ambition is to popularise research into territorial development via top-quality scientific communication.

The articles that are published result from a dual selection process (by the editorial board, and by the international reading committee), the second on a “double blind” basis, which guarantees the quality of the submissions that are adopted.

The articles must simultaneously ensure that they:

  • Address a French-speaking and international readership that is both non-specialised and informed, not only academics but also territorial development players (designers, managers and decision-makers)
  • Are open to various issues and perspectives without overlooking methodological questions
  • Nurture the debate by a contribution that is scientific, political, rational and argued

Submitted articles must be no longer than ten pages of text (i.e. 25,000 characters and spaces at most), excluding illustrations.

The translation is supported by us.

For technical details on the format of the text to provide, please see the instructions for authors.

Editorial Committee

Priscilla Ananian

Valérie Cawoy

Mireille Deconinck

Jean-Marie Halleux

Sophie Hanson

Jean-Marc Lambotte

Florence Lechat

Alain Malherbe

Christian Vandermotten

Jean-Pol Van Reybroeck


Editorial Secretary

Bernadette Vauchel

Tél. 32 (0)4 366 58 87

E-mail :